Episode 6:  Autism Insights from Doctor Temple Grandin


Today's interview features Dr. Temple Grandin, an iconic figure in the autism community. The host, Captain Jerry Turning, introduces Dr. Grandin's accomplishments, including her work as a professor, her influential books on animal behavior and autism, and her Emmy Award-winning movie about her life. The discussion focuses on the importance of police and first responders understanding autism and its impact on behavior. Dr. Grandin explains that autistic individuals may freeze or have sensory overload in response to sudden events, which can affect their ability to communicate effectively. She emphasizes the need for patience and understanding from law enforcement professionals. They discuss strategies such as training officers to recognize communication disorders and using rule-based approaches to interactions. Dr. Grandin also shares her own experiences with anxiety and driving, highlighting the challenges autistic individuals may face in high-stress situations. The conversation concludes with a discussion on communication challenges between law enforcement and autistic individuals and the importance of finding effective ways to bridge the gap.

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