Episode 1:  My Story


Welcome to the Respect the Stim podcast, hosted by Captain Jerry Turning. In this deeply personal and engaging podcast, Jerry expresses his sincere gratitude for the listeners, emphasizing the significance of their presence. He promises to provide mind-blowing information that is both relevant and essential to their jobs.

Jerry explains the process of creating a podcast and highlights the importance of identifying the target audience. His perfect avatar is the road cop, the officer on the ground running radar, answering calls, and serving the community. He specifically aims to reach out to those seeking an edge, those who follow tactical and leadership podcasts.

Acknowledging that autism may not be the sexiest topic for his audience, Jerry aims to change their perspective. He emphasizes that ignorance about autism and the spectrum can be as detrimental to their careers as ignorance of case law or tactical mistakes. Understanding the risks involved, he urges his audience to embrace the topic and promises to provide insights that become intuitive and instinctive, enhancing their abilities in the field.

Jerry then shares his personal journey, revealing that he spent 25 years as a cop, specializing in working with canine units. However, everything changed when his son was diagnosed with autism. The doctor's four words altered his life, challenging his carefully planned path. He realized he needed to become a student of autism to better understand and support his son.

Initially struggling with the diagnosis, Jerry found solace in writing about his emotions and fears as a father. When he shared his writings on Facebook, he received an overwhelming response from parents worldwide who connected with his experiences. The gratitude and validation he received saved him from a dark place, motivating him to keep writing and sharing.

An incident involving a young man with autism being shot and killed by police officers further shaped Jerry's perspective. He felt the grief of the family and acknowledged the need for more training and resources for law enforcement when interacting with individuals on the spectrum. At the same time, he empathized with the police officers involved, understanding the complex decision-making process they face in such situations.

Driven by his experiences and a promise to make a difference, Jerry strives to bridge the gap between the special needs community and law enforcement. He offers insights, training, and storytelling to foster understanding and build relationships.

In conclusion, Jerry highlights the importance of his podcast as a part of his mission to fulfill his promise to both the families affected by autism and the law enforcement community. He is dedicated to sharing his expertise and knowledge gained over 19 years to make a positive impact. Listeners can expect powerful and transformative content in this important podcast.


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