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All Families Need an Advocate!


Reaching out to Law Enforcement agencies can be intimidating, time-consuming, and frustrating.  Let me advocate on your family's behalf.  


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I Will Personally:

  • Research YOUR local Police Department's leadership, rank structure, philosophy, and useful programs

  • Identify the appropriate representatives to contact

  • Design and implement a contact strategy

  • Leverage my Law Enforcement experience and expertise to establish a meaningful, lasting, and CRITICAL relationship between your family and YOUR Police department

  • Ensure your family is HEARD, RESPECTED, and UNDERSTOOD by YOUR Police Department

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Take ACTION today to feel HEARD, RESPECTED, and UNDERSTOOD by YOUR Police and First Responders

Put me to work for your family!

"I heard back yesterday from a patrol officer stating they would love to get together and talk through any of our concerns."

Marie (Massachusettes)

"We are meeting with PD and Fire Rescue on Thursday... Grateful for this meeting, not only for my son, but for the doors it will open for others who walk in our shoes.  Thank you."

Ginette (Texas)


"I know you understand the fears we have... your gift of writing and your knowledge of autism are such a blessing..."

Caren (Missouri)

"AMAZING.  Officer Kevin was so patient and kind.  He stayed for 40 minutes!  Offered to stop by a few more times and continue to build a rapport.  It was a really great experience;  one we would not have had if it weren't for you.  I am truly grateful to you for this experience and sharing your insight."

Robyn (New Jersey)

"Thank you so much for your introduction!  I am happy to email... for follow-up and an introduction with the Sheriff..."

Jacqueline (Washington)

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"They just called.  We are going to schedule a time and they would like to bring K9's and their community unit (has a Humvee- which he will love)."

Dianna (South Carolina)

Financial Assistance is Available!

Thanks to a generous grant from the Greenwich Autism Alliance, financial assistance is available to ANY family in need.  

Contact us for more information:  [email protected]

About Your Advocate

Captain (R) Gerald Turning Jr.


In 2012, Gerald Turning began writing about his experiences as an autism dad and established the successful blog:

Bacon and Juiceboxes

He earned a following of over 35,000 fans who share his family’s challenges and triumphs.

Jerry also served 25 years as a municipal police officer, and recently retired from the rank of Captain to pursue his life's mission of educating the world about the remarkable individuals on the Autism Spectrum like his son, Eric. 

Jerry served most of his police career as a decorated K-9 Handler, Trainer, and Unit Supervisor. He also served as Internal Affairs Commander, Patrol Division Commander, and policy writer for his police department.

Jerry recently published his first novel, drawing from his experience as a police officer and special needs dad:

Desperate Pursuits

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Just Need a Little Advice and Guidance?

I Join my self-paced, 5-step Bridge Builders Workshop.  I will lead you through EVERY step of the process of establishing meaningful relationships with YOUR Police and First Responders!
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