Autism Training for First Responders

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Your officers WILL meet Autism today.

Are they prepared? 

Blue Bridge can help...

Improve Communication

"Non-verbal" does not necessarily mean "unable to communicate".  I will teach your officers insights and strategies to DE-ESCALATE crises, establish critical communication, earn cooperation, and gain compliance.

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Save Lives

Autistic Individuals rarely just "wander".  Even if they can't communicate it, there is always a goal, destination, or purpose to their behavior.  I will teach your officers insights and strategies. to organize more effective searches.

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Improve Community Relations

Often under-represented and isolated, Special Needs families are a vibrant part of our communities.  I will teach your personnel insights and strategies to foster lasting positive relationships within this community.

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Autism:  A Guide for First Responders
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Thousands of  Public Safety Professionals Trained Around the World

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I can make your officers better.


I am Captain (R) Gerald Turning. 

  • 25 years in Law Enforcement
  • 22 years in K9
  • Internal Affairs Commander
  • Patrol Division Commander
  • Training Coordinator
  • Author
  • Lecturer
  • 18 years as a Special Needs Dad


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Your Officers Will Learn

During their 3-hour training session

To identify individuals on the Autism Spectrum

Strategies to gain cooperation and compliance without force

Tactics to manage sensory challenges

Empathy for challenges facing autistic individuals and their families

Strategies to overcome communication challenges

Realistic DE-ESCALATION techiniques

Search tactics to exponentially increase success and SAVE LIVES

Tactics to navigate the most CRITICAL calls for service

Flexible Training Options

I created this program with the demands and challenges of running a large agency in mind. 

  1. Schedule a single or multiple-session LIVE training event for your agency, or...
  2. Assign your personnel to my ON-DEMAND online training course designed to be viewed on any device in brief, easily digestible segments to accommodate the unpredictable demands of a First Responder's schedule.  Or...
  3. Design a hybrid program combining a LIVE event with ONLINE access to members unable to attend.


 Bonus Material

Each officer will receive:

The App

Designed to deliver CRITICAL tools, insights, and coaching to First Responders efficiently IN THE FIELD.

  • Autistic Missing Person Search Coach
  • Communication Tools
  • Search Tools
  • National Search & Rescue Directory
  • Instant Communication With Captain Turning
Access the App Here

Assistive Communication Tool

Trauma, stress, and anxiety can significantly impact an individual's ability to communicate.  

This downloadable tool (.pdf) will assist your officers in gathering CRITICAL information during an emergency response.

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The First 30 Seconds

The first seconds of a call for service involving a missing autistic individual are CRITICAL.  Information that is gathered early and communicated efficiently means the difference between LIFE and DEATH.

This downloadable tool (.pdf) will coach your officers on what to CRITICAL information to gather and communicate first.

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4 Search Turbocharge Questions

Autistic individuals rarely just "WANDER".  Even if they can't communicate it, there is always a goal, destination, or purpose to their behavior.  

This downloadable tool (.pdf) will provide basic and simple questions to begin their search relying on REASON, not LUCK. 

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Common Autism Indicators

Identifying Autism is the most important step. 

Often autistic behaviors can mimic intoxication, drug impairment, evasiveness, or disrespect.

This downloadable tool (.pdf) will provide several Common Autism Indicators during interpersonal interactions.

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Special Needs Profile for First Responders

A printable (.pdf) profile to distribute to your residents for recording VITAL information about an individual with special needs in case of an EMERGENCY. 

This profile goes beyond the basic identifying features of the individual to include Sensory Challenges, LIkes and Dislikes, and Possible Behavioral Triggers.

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Single Seat


Instant on-demand access to full training program for ONE individual

  • Flexible Online Access
  • Organized into brief, digestible segments
  • Self-paced learning
  • Access from any device with internet access
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Full Agency Program


On-demand access for your ENTIRE AGENCY

  • Up to 150 Registrants (contact us for additional seat pricing)
  • Sworn and civilian staff included
  • Progress tracking and reporting
  • Complete schedule flexibility
  • Individually self-paced learning
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LIVE Agency Training Event


(+travel expenses)

  • LIVE in-person training or webinar format
  • Sworn and civilian staff included
  • Public access and attendance welcome
  • Attendance is only limited by venue size
  • Combined Regional events welcomed!
  • Access to full On-Demand program for any personnel unable to attend LIVE session (up to 150 additional registrants)
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Special Needs ID Cards Now Available

Help your loved one communicate during an emergency.

  •  Professional Quality (76mm PVC)
  • Durable
  • Fully Customizable
  • QR Code Technology:  Add additional information such as:  
    • Sensory Needs
    • De-escalation Tips
    • Secondary Emergency Contact
    • Behavioral Triggers
    • Any other important information 
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